We hope you will join us to "Walk on Water" on one of our pedalboard tours. Until then, read on and we'll tell you a bit about ourselves.

As avid travelers and adventurers, we have recently relocated from southern California to the St. Petersburg area to embark on a new journey that combines our passion for adventure with Business. Chris, a former California firefighter and Scuba instructor, has been an avid waterman for the last 30 years, spending the majority of his free time scuba Diving, surfing, Stand up Paddleboarding , freediving, and fishing both Domestically and abroad. He loves to share his passion for the water with others and combines his experience on the water with a knowledge of the marine environment both above and below the surface. We are dedicated to preserving the marine environment, and accomplish this through informally educating our guests about the plants and animals on our Tours and leaving behind no impact on the areas we operate in.

Walk on Water Stand up pedalboarding was created to offer an easier alternative to S.U.Paddleboarding.. Having Witnessed too many times inexperienced S.u.pers spending the majority of their time on their knees or bottoms Sparked the idea to offer a "walk on Water" experience that doesn't require experience to master and can be Enjoyable the Very First Try. We will be continually adding new locations to our tours as we grow so stay Tuned.

So come along with us on our next adventure in life and experience the Beauty of Florida's backwaters and Beaches atop the Hobie Stand up Pedalboard and get that "Walk on Water" feeling.

We look forward to you joining us and earning your business!

Chris and Steph/ owners